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30-Day Real Estate Coaching Challenge
If you want to kick your Real Estate Investing in HIGH Gear, take this challenge!
30-Day Real Estate Challenge
PLUS: Student Case Studies
Learn how you can REBOOT your Real Estate Investing and how we took Students from being stuck in their deals and not making money, to getting them back on track in 
3 hours.  You will too!

See how we took Previously Trained Real Estate Investors & COACHED them through a step-by-step process TO WIN in Real Estate. Take what you've learned,  Expand it, & 
Take Action NOW!  

How would you like to APPLY your Real Estate knowledge in a 30-Day Real Estate Investing Program that is Guaranteed to IMPROVE your business or you PAY ZERO!? 

Every single day we deliver Industry-Best Real Estate Coaching using Webinars, Videos, Phone, and email.  Remote-level work and investing has never been more important than it is right now.

Become part of our team.  
It'll feel like an overnight success.  Let's GO!

NOTICE: this is an offer EXCLUSIVELY for students that need a Real Estate Reboot!  

  • How to get the right deals coming in within 24 hours in today's market
  • The SECRET behind Hard Money Lending and where to go NOW
  • Why Deal Flow is most important and how you can get Realtors and other Investors to be their choice for deals!
  • Find out why so many students fail at Real Estate Investing and why you will NOT.  Take our Challenge and be the investor you NEED to be. 

BTW: Did we mention it's a Money-Back GUARANTEE?

" The 30-day Challenge came at exactly the right time for me. I was contemplating giving up on flipping. I needed to get motivated, reengage and refresh the process in my mind. That, is just what this program did. Good job Jeremy, Cherie and Tony!!! I hope our paths continue to cross and wish great successes to all"  Bill D.  (June 2020)

More from our Coaching Clients:

"If your business is not meeting your expectations, you have to start this program. Tony and Jeremy will take you from dead in the water to Jet ski speed with day by day step by step lessons. You only need to be receptive and willing to follow directions. Do not delay!"."
Charles S
June 2020
" Don't stop. I believe the 30 day challenge will continue to grow and help students for many years to come."
Brett A
June 2020
"Lots of detail, a comprehendible pace and I really felt part of a community of people that really care that I succeed in this business. Well done Jeremy and Tony!! I can’t thank you both enough."
Jeanene T
June 2020
"It’s well worth the investment, you get re-engaged, learn enhanced ways of finding and evaluating properties, along with some additional tools that makes your business function more efficiently. GO FOR IT!!"
Kelvin O
May 2020
"The focused training has refreshed, updated and re-inspired me. I have lagged on RE investing because my other business pays the bills but this program has shown me that I can do both and ultimately shift the balance to full time Real Estate investing. "
Robert D
June 2020
"We went through Bus Tour back in August 2017 and Field Training in Jan 2018 but this clarified and confirmed a lot of things for us! We are back on the right track now. Our Thanks to Tony and Jeremy for all their hard work on this and of course to Nick for getting on this path to begin with. We love ya'll!!!!"
Margie & John C
May 2020
"My it for yourself!! You'll be fortified and happy you did!"
Nancy A
May 2020
"Just over a month ago we had just about given up, but now we are focused, motivated, and giving this business our best. Thank you so much Jeremy and Tony!"
Emmanuelle and Jeanie B
June 2020
"The 30 day challenge was full of information and very well taught! If you need a boost or a refresher this would be it. Tony & Jeremy are great!"
Tami D
June 2020

Take Advantage of YOUR TIME and Be Ready for what's next!

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